SharePoint Farm management

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Released: May 14, 2014
Updated: May 14, 2014 by fabrice69
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Release Notes

These scripts will help you for manage SharePoint farms

The first script shows you the SharePoint version code from the two methods (by SQL Server request and in the local registry)

The second script stops all the SharePoint WSS Search Services, deletes the Index files and restart the services

The Third script checks the installation of the specified Microsoft Patch for each server listed in a specified file (C:\ServersList.txt). One server name by line.

The fourth script fixes the WSS V3 Search crawl errors (EventID 2436). See the KB 896861

The Fifth script lists or gets all the installed solutions in your SharePoint farm

The Sixth script lists all the site collections which have "NT AUTHORITY\authenticated users" in

The Seventh script iterates through all solutions in the current farm and saves them to the file system as WSP file. (note: Language pack handling might not be optimal)

The Height script extracts list of web application and content databases from the current farm and reports possible orphaned sites. STSADM is used in this version because the SPContentDatabase class content case-sensitive property (Id)

The Ninth script configures the SharePoint Diagnostic Logging (aka ULS Log) path, number and interval

The Tenth script lists or exports in XML file the SharePoint Quota Templates list.
The XML file can be used for import the list in a new SharePoint Farm.
Open the PS1 file and change the last lines as you need :
  • Show the Template list : Get-SPQuota-Templates "http://myWebApplication" $false
  • Export the Template list in "QuotaTemplates.xml" file : Get-SPQuota-Templates "http://myWebApplication" $true
  • Import the Template list in "QuotaTemplates.xml" file : Set-SPQuota-Templates "http://myWebApplication"

The Eleventh script lists all the Existing SharePoint policies for a specified SharePoint Web Application URL or add a policy (One user or NT Group added with specific permissions).
Open the PS1 file and change the last lines with your own parameters.

The Twelfth script cleans the Auditlog of MOSS 2007 site when the option is set in the Site Collection Administration. The script is equivalent of the STSADM -o Trimauditlog command.
Open the PS1 file and change the last line with your own parameters.

The Thirteen script check the SPJob for "Immediate Alerts" for all the current SharePoint Farm. If its status is different than "Succeeded" since more than 1 day, the SPTimerV3 NT Service is restarted for this server by WMI.
A mail is sent to the SharePoint Manager by SMTP.
Open the PS1 file and change the last lines with your own parameters.

The Fourteen script move the site collection from a specified ContentDB to the new one you have to create before execute it.
The site collections will be moved if the size is less than the specified value.
Open the PS1 file and change values ($MyWebApplicationURL, $MyContentDataBaseSource, $MySPSiteSizeLimit and $MyRootPathTostore) with your own parameters.

The Fifteen script add the User Login in the script in the Site Collection adminitrator for each of the Site Collections existing in the Web Application given.
Open the PS1 file and change values ($MyWebApplicationURL, $LoginNewSiteAdmin) with your own parameters.

The Sixteen script reset the Confirm Usage of all the Site Collections existing in the Web Application given.
Open the PS1 file and change values ($MyWebApplicationURL) with your own parameters.

The Seventeen script reset a SPField LookUp with the correct list and SPField.
Open the PS1 file and change values with your own parameters.

The Heighteen script shutdown the Windows server list given in the script.
Open the PS1 file and change 2 first values with your own parameters.

Marc Lognoul [MVP]
Fabrice Romelard [MVP]

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