Team Sites Management (WSS or MOSS)

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Released: Dec 2, 2014
Updated: Dec 2, 2014 by fabrice69
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Release Notes

These code scripts help you to manage WSS or MOSS Team sites

The first script adds links in the top bar with two levels of a SharePoint Team Site.
You can add this links with two levels and clean all this links you add by code
  • Clean-Nodes-In-SP-Top-Bar "http://mySharePointFarm/sites/MySiteColl/"
  • Add-Nodes-In-SP-Top-Bar "http://mySharePointFarm/sites/MySiteColl/"

The second script resets the theme and logo for all the site collections in a defined web application
You can execute the script after change the web application URL like that
  • Change-Themes-for-All-Site-Collections "http://myWebApplication1" "MyTheme" "/_layouts/images/mylogo.gif" "Team Site Logo"

The third script is for list information from all the Site collections in your SharePoint Web Application
You can execute it after modify the Web Application URL
  • Get-Sites-Info "http://myWebApplication1"

The fourth script applies a master page and the chosen theme after upload the master file in the specified path
You can execute it after modification like the web application, the theme and the master page file
  • Apply-Master-Page-And-Theme-All-Site-Collections "http://myWebApplication" "C:\myMasterPage.master" "myMasterPage.master" "ThemeToApply"

The fifth script applies a named quota template to all site collections in a given web application, subject to them being of appropriate size.
  • Apply-SPQuotaTemplate.ps1 -url <web application URL> -template <Quota template name> [-minsize <minimum size (Mb) a site collection must be>] [-whatif]

The sixth script returns statistical information about site collections in the entire farm or a specified Web Application. It is similar in concept to stsadm -o enumsites, but returns more information about each site collection.

The seventh script returns the creation date for the SPWeb URL Address given

The heighth script returns the SQL Script to execute on your SQL Server to get all the non-completed items from the Given Survey (UserName, Email, Modified Date, ItemID)

The ninth script returns the biggest files for each Sites & SubSites in the web application. Specify the URL, the file extension and the size limit (in MB)

The tenth script execute the STSADM backup for each site collection in your given web application

Fabrice Romelard [MVP]
Sergey Zelenov [MSFT]

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