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Project Description
This project site stores all the PowerShell scripts developed for SharePoint farms (WSS or MOSS) management.
Each script is available independently and can be modified as desired

We decided to create this project, because we develop in our Jobs many PowerShell scripts to manage all our SharePoint farms (WSS V3 and MOSS). Having this done, we've heard that many people could be interested to see, use and adapt that kind of scripts for their own needs.

All scripts you can find here are used in real production situation and some of them are scheduled in different windows tasks.

  • For SharePoint 2010:
    • Here is an Excel 2010 file allowing to find quiclky and easily the new cmdlets available with SharePoint 2010 (based on beta 2)
    • SharePoint2010 PS Commands.xlsx

If you have any request for SharePoint management, feel free to post a message here.
If you have other scripts, you can also post a message here (or contact me) and we will add your scripts in this project.

I hope this project site will be the reference for SharePoint IT people where everyone can share scripts.

Fabrice Romelard [MVP]
Stephane Eyskens [MVP]
Marc Lognoul [MVP]
Reza Alirezaei [MVP]
Nicolas Schmitt [MSFT]
Christophe Rit [MSFT]
Sergey Zelenov [MSFT]
Patrick Guimonet [Cap Gemini]

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